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Engaging transitions and fillers


just by asking a classroom voice helper.
What it is
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An extra pair of hands for busy teachers

Easier and more engaging transitions.

Less digging for new ideas, or questions for those extra few minutes.

Reduce unplanned interruptions, with an extra on-tap resource.

Smooth out your daily classroom flow

Make transitions and breaks easier.

Move students in and out of class and between activities more easily by saying a few words to Alexa.

Get a spare “pair of hands”.

Your students can ask basic questions, like how to spell “colonial”.

Less digging and more discussing.

Tap into new ideas everyday, from morning greetings to word problems to closing reflections.

Boost your classroom’s wellbeing.

When your classroom needs a mindful moment, just ask.

Share class updates to home.

Speak your news, key dates or student praises to parents at home.

Capture your thoughts on the fly.

Get quick notes and reminders off your mind wherever you are in the classroom.

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What teachers are saying

“I love the transition music! It is a lifesaver for my stations. When the music stops my kids are switched and at their next station.”

Tera Friederich, 2nd Grade, Iowa

“Alexa helps me fill a minute or 2 here and there when needed.”

Kerri Olsen, Kindergarten, Wisconsin

“The transition from high energy activity was a quick way to refocus the class after lunch.”

Nicole Defilippo, 4th Grade, New Jersey

“Transition from recess was amazing. They stopped, breathed, settled. Very positive.”

Kathryn Bramlett, 5th Grade, California

“We LOVED the closing reflection. We always have five extra minutes after returning from specials before the ending bell rings.”

Jessi Johnson, 3rd Grade, Wisconsin

Easy to setup. Easy to control.

  • Get going in 4 steps.

  • Mute at the press of a button.

  • You control what students and parents hear.

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